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Rally On ~ Press Release

Comedy Court ~ Rally On

After a two-and-a-half-year break, Comedy Court, the legendary duo of comedians Allan Perera and Indi Nadarajah, is back with Rally On, a show that is bound to entertain and tickle audiences with its clever and witty social satire.

Perera and Nadarajah will be playing 5 characters altogether. Audiences mustn’t miss the banter between Mertle & Thawi and the Oblong Bars lawyers Loga & Singam…. and newcomer fashion designer Isabella.

The story centers around Thawi’s unfortunate visit to the temple, with her not knowing that it was the planned day thousands of people would flock to the centre of town in support of the BERSIH 3.0 Rally. As she relates her experience being trapped in the Rally to a number of people during the course of her day… her story changes and develop into something completely different… and that snowballs eventually into an ending that will blow the audience’ minds.

Tickets are now available, and it seems they’re also selling fast, with the show announcement receiving overwhelming response on social media. The Economy RM70, Prime RM80, and Premium RM90 tickets are available at, and the VIP RM120 and VVIP RM150 are available at

A Giggle Charity 2017 Production

About Giggle Charity

Comedy Court ~ Rally On is a Giggle Charity 2017 production. Giggle (M) Sdn. Bhd. is founded and headed by Allan Perera, one-half of the duo, with the aim of helping charities and NGO’s raise funds through professionally-produced shows, easing their fund-raising burden in an efficient, entertaining, and giggle-inducing manner.

In July and October 2015, Giggle raised over RM300,000 through 27 performances of the Giggle Band’s live music and Malaysia’s Got Scandal (Perera’s fictional reality comedy talent show). [Video: The Giggle Charity Show 2015 – Thank You] This was in collaboration with several charities and NGO’s, including Brickfields Asia College (BAC)’s EduNation, an education company which provides free online tuition for students.

In December 2015, Giggle hosted a 13-hour charity live music marathon called the Make It Right! Movement (pictured below), where a whopping 25 bands came together on 13 December 2015 in an effort to raise funds for fellow performing musicians requiring medical aid, and EduNation.

In 2016, through Perera’s Malaysia’s Got Scandal shows (pictured above), Giggle helped raise funds for BAC’s Make It Right Movement which supported the Sri Lankan Relief Fund and also EduNation.

For Giggle’s 2017 production of Rally On, the best seats in the house, i.e. VIP and VVIP seats, for eight show dates, are in support of the National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM), which aims to deliver lifespan services to the community of persons with autism.

The other four show dates are dedicated to these charities and NGO’s: My Shining Star Foundation (organisation empowering underprivileged children), Cricket Kuala Lumpur, Persatuan Rumah Kanak-Kanak Trinity Selangor, Yayasan Perpaduan Rakyat Malaysia (YPRM), Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Artists (NGO), District Grand Lodge of the EA, and Grace Assembly PJ.

Comedy Court ~ Rally On ~ Show Dates

For details on the show dates, the charities and NGOs involved, and the number of seats left, please click here. All our planned shows are sold out; therefore we added TWO MORE show dates: Monday, 27th March and Monday, 3rd April. Both have since sold out completely.

Comedy Court ~ About

The story of how it all began…

Although their names have become synonymous with good comedy, Indi Nadarajah and Allan Perera weren’t always involved in theatre.

Allan says: “I was playing music with bands like Made in Malaysia and Pieces.”

Indi says: “I was doing amateur drama before joining ICT [Instant Cafe Theatre]”.

“We met in ’91 when Allan came in to do the music for ICT. We messed around with some ideas and came up with a skit called the Oblong Bar featuring Loga and Singam.”

Before long they developed the full length play called Quid Pro Quo, staged in 1996, which established they reputation as comedians.

Comedy Court was set up in 1997 and they have never looked back…

Comedy Court ~ In the News

Over the many years Comedy Court has been in action, we have been extensively covered by various Malaysian press and media. Here is a writeup entitled Comedy Courtiers that covers Comedy Court really well. Click on the picture to zoom in and read.

how_pix_01_big how_pix_02_big

Please click here to view and read the past news Comedy Court was featured in.

Rally On ~ Press Photos

(Click on each picture for the super high-res version. Warning: Humongous file sizes!)

Meet the Cast


Allan Perera is…

Isabella is a well-known Malay fashion designer who pays a visit to her aunty Thawi, a very close family friend, with an invitation to her mother’s birthday party. The casual meeting eventually reveals an old secret, much to Isabella’s surprise and horror.


Allan Perera is…

Loga, the infamous lawyer, frequents the Oblong Bar daily, where he meets his “other half”, Singam. Together they discuss politics, social, and club matters while consuming copious amounts of whiskey. He has a wicked sense of humour and at times no sense of decorum… when drunk.


Indi Nadarajah is…

Thawi is a typical conservative Ceylonese housewife and also an old classmate of Mertle. If she is not gossiping on the phone, she’s home-cleaning, cooking, praying, taking care of her husband, and arguing with Mertle. Thawi is the “goody two-shoes” but nonetheless enjoys the company of the straight-talking and adventurous Mertle.


Indi Nadarajah is…

Singam is also a senior lawyer who frequents the Oblong Bar daily. He is normally the voice of reason and compromise in his daily chore of handling his drinking-mate, Loga, as they attempt to comment on every issue of life—past, present, and future.


Allan Perera is…

Mertle Rodrigo is of Eurasian descent and practically grew up with Thawi, living in the same neighbourhood. She’s the complete opposite of Thawi, with a personality that is outlandish, outspoken, outgoing, and generally out-of-order.

Photos of Allan & Indi

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Photos of Loga & Singam

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Rally On ~ Poster Variations

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Widescreen Cover

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